Huntington Certification

Many highly capable individuals, such as engineers, lawyers, and other professionals, apply to become Huntington tutors, but lack the teacher training necessary to have obtained state certification as a teacher. When they have the interest and ability to work well with our students, we ask them to work for us as tutors, first in the capacity of Tutor Trainees and, upon completing the Huntington Certification Program, as Huntington Certified Tutors.

The Huntington Certification Program is designed to train non-state-certified teachers in the basics of the Huntington System and of teaching itself. Tutor Trainees who successfully complete the Huntington Certification Program have the appropriate pedagogical foundation and relevant experience using Huntington methods and materials to be able to work with Huntington students. These individuals will be able to draw upon their Huntington training and their professional experience when tutoring Huntington students.

The Huntington Certification Program includes all of the elements found within strong, college teacher education programs. These include the following: a strong foundation in educational theory; a thorough review of subject matter content; and the opportunity to observe, and be observed by, experienced teachers.

Under the supervision of our full-time staff, Tutor Trainees gain foundational knowledge by reading chapters from Huntington Teaching Methods. Within that textbook are chapters covering educational theory (e.g., building student motivation and enjoyment in learning) and content knowledge (e.g., phonics theory and math problem solving). Tutor Trainees read these chapters at home. They take corresponding quizzes and complete the balance of the program at the Huntington Center. Training at the Center consists of the following: learning the basics of the Huntington System, Huntington curricula, shadowing teachers, and teaching students. During this training our full- and part-time staff evaluate the Trainees.

This combination of theory and practice provide Huntington Tutor Trainees with the tools necessary to offer Huntington students the best education possible.

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