Since 1977, we've received thousands of testimonials crediting Huntington for their improved confidence, motivation, and grades. Here are some of those testimonials. We've grouped them by Academic Skills, Subject Tutoring, and Exam Prep for your convenience.

Testimonials: Academic Skills

“Not only did you help D.J. bring his grades up, you also taught him such basic skills as how to get his work organized, how to be neat, how to retain what he read and how to process the information--basic skills the school system had not taught him throughout his education."
– Doug P.

"Our son's whole attitude toward learning and school has changed."
– The H. Family

"I wish to express my sincere gratitude for the excellent work you have done with my son. Not only have his academic skills greatly improved, his self-confidence has grown."
– Ruth H.

"The commitment, caring and positive reinforcement given by all employees at Huntington made the difference for my granddaughter."
– Maria S.

"Our daughter's confidence level and self-worth have both improved greatly. We will never hesitate to use Huntington again if the need arises. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."
– Irina B.

"The proof that your program works is evident in our son. He is so much more confident and able to communicate with others, and we still are only halfway through his program!"
– Ann and Walker R.

"After talking to some of your staff several weeks ago, I was very impressed at how individualized they were--where was my daughter looking at colleges, her GPA, what type of course load she was taking at her high school. No other learning center asked any personal questions. I really felt you wanted to find the right program for her."
– Rosalind V.

Testimonials: Subject Tutoring

David T.

David had always struggled with math. He was starting a new private school in September so Mom and Dad decided to get him some help over the summer. David attended Huntington Learning Center three hours a day, four days a week focusing on remedial math skills, while also working on reading skills. Read More.

Chris N.

Chris came to us as a very scared and angry kindergartener. When asked how she felt about being here she said she was very sad. She was diagnosed with language based processing problems and had been receiving services since she was 3 years old. Read More.

Laura P.

Laura came to us at the end of her 10th grade year. Her parents had tried every type of tutoring that was available and were exasperated. Laura has auditory processing challenges and had very low self esteem since nothing had ever worked for her. Read More.

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Testimonials: Exam Prep


"My son's SAT score was way beyond our expectations! We were very happy with the experience we had at Huntington. We can't thank you enough for all that you've done for our son."
– Deborah A.

"I would recommend your program without hesitation...to anyone who needs a refresher course in math and verbal studies."
– Andre B.


“I went up 7 points! Huntington helped me a lot in understanding the test. The program pushed me to the best of my abilities. I'm glad I took the Huntington ACT prep.”
– Austin T.

“Huntington's excellent! Our daughter's Huntington teacher made a huge impression. She went up 4 points and is going to her dream school!”
– Mike S.

“We had a great experience. You were able to look at my daughter's strengths and weaknesses, and her scores reflected that. I have five children and we'll definitely be back!”
– Mary S.

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Save $100 off our academic evaluation


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